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Making international phone calls is easy and affordable with the DollarPhonePinless prepaid international calling plan. With real rates better than most international phone cards and prepaid calling cards, convenient features like PINless Dialing and Speed Dial and viewable Online Call Detail Reports, DollarPhonePinless makes international calling a pleasure.


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Note: You can add more minutes to your account by recharging it through our website or setup Auto-recharge to have more minutes added automatically.

Dialing Instructions

1. Dial a local Access Number, or use the toll-free access number: (800) 608-1305.*

2. When prompted, dial the phone number for the person you want to call. Do not hit send if using a mobile phone.**

3. DollarPhonePinless will automatically connect your call.

When using the toll-free access number, please add: 2¢/min for calls originated from the continental USA and the US Virgin Islands, 3¢/min from Hawaii or Puerto Rico, and 20¢/min from Alaska. Calls made via pay phones are subject to a $0.99 fee. Use a Local Access Number to enjoy the lowest rates.

**When using DollarPhonePinless with your mobile phone, DO NOT hit Send after dialing the phone number for the person you want to call. DollarPhonePinless will AUTOMATICALLY connect your call. DollarPhonePinless requires that users follow these dialing instructions to ensure their phone call is connected by DollarPhonePinless.


Single Minute Billing:

Talk for one minute and get billed for one minute, unlike 'cheap' calling cards that round up to the nearest 3-minute increment.

PINless Dialing:

Once your phones are registered, you will never have to dial a PIN to make low cost calls when using those phones. Register up to 9 phones on a single account!

No Contracts:

DollarPhonePinless is strictly 'pay as you go.' Only recharge when you want, or use our 'auto top-up' feature with the confidence that you can terminate the recharge setting at any time on the web site.

Works with any phone:

Use DollarPhonePinless with a landline or a mobile phone, without changing carriers or long-distance companiesall you need is the access number.

No Added Fees:

No additional taxes or monthly 'maintenance' fees to pay.


Never wonder what you're being billed or where you've called: you can view your payment transaction history and call details online.

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